Registration of Plant Certificate

Pressure vessels when used in the workplace in all States of Australia require to be registered, inspected and have routine maintenance in accordance with AS/NZS 3788:2006.
This must be performed by a competent person, us, according to AS/NZS 3788:2006.
This requirement falls under Worksafe WA requirements and AS/NZS 3788:2006 guidelines.
This is the owners your responsibility to do this under these regulations.
Synonymous terms for Pressure vessels in this case are Air Receivers or Compressed Air Tanks.

When do I do this?

When installed or moved in the Workplace
Then every 2 years

When do I do this?

Find a copy of your Manufactures Data Report (MDR) and Hydrostatic test report.
These would have been supplied when you bought the vessel.
Take a photo of the vessel data plate, usually on the front of vertical air receivers or on the dome end for horizontal air receivers, so we can reference it to check paperwork before we visit site.
Contact Air Tools WA on 1300 062 377.

Our qualified inspectors will carry out the inspection in accordance with AS/NZS
3788:2006 and lodge the Application for Registration of Plant with Worksafe WA.

Worksafe WA will issue a certificate which must be displayed on or near the vessel.

  • Air receiver inspection
  • Internal and External condition report
  • Ultrasonic thickness measurement to Manufacturers Data Report.
  • Vibration, leakage, supports, welds, associated pipe work
  • Safety valve inspection for compliance.
  • Pressure gauge
  • Drain valve (operation)
  • Isolation valve (operation)
  • Receiver mountings
  • Location on premises
  • We Lodge all of the paperwork with Worksafe so you don’t need to worry about this.

Why should I do it?

Apart for it being an OHS and legislative requirement, Pressure vessels used in the workplace can be potentially dangerous, with the risk of causing property damage, injury and even fatality if not suitably maintained. It is therefore essential to properly install and service receivers, ensuring that all equipment complies. Routine inspections are necessary to assess the safety and to detect any faults, damage or dangerous deterioration of the compressor tank.

Under Worksafe WA requirements and AS/NZS 3788:2006, registration and routine inspection of pressure vessels is necessary in order to assess safety and to detect any dangerous deterioration.

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