Compressed Air Systems and Air Tool Repairs and Maintenance.

Here at Air Tools WA, we recommend regular air compressor and air tool maintenance because from our long experience in the business, we know that preventative maintenance is essential to keeping your equipment functioning efficiently, optimally and profitably! Whether you’re using petrol compressors or diesel air compressors, they all benefit from frequent maintenance.

If you do experience a problem with your air tool or compressor though, our team of experts is always ready and well equipped to help! Our air compression specialists with years of experience in their field carry out air tool servicing work, maintenance and repair work (on most major brands) in line with manufacturers’ specifications to ensure your tools remain as reliable as possible.

All work is conducted either in our Wangara or Canning Vale workshops, so if you have any issues with your tools, or would like to service them, pass by one of our workshops for a free quote and professional recommendation!

Services offered:

1. Compressed Air Systems and Air Tool Repairs:

Repairs can be performed on most major air compressor and air tool brands. Our specialists have the most experience with AKKO and Black Cat air compressors, as well as Stutz air tools. From 3 phase air compressors to single phase compressors, our team will get your air tool up and running in no time!

2. Compressed Air systems and Air Tool Maintenance:

Air tool maintenance can be performed on all major air tool brands. We also offer a specialised service on our rotary screw compressors, which is backed by our vast experience in repairing and servicing these tools and air compressors (call in advance for this service, in order to arrange a convenient meeting time).

3. Free Compressed Air systems/Air Tool Repair and Maintenance Quotes:

Whether you’re working with a screw compressor or a single phase air compressor, you want to know all your options when something goes wrong. Air Tools WA offers you free quotes on all your compressed air systems and air tools. In many cases we will offer you two quotes, one for carrying out the repairs needed (along with the costs of sourced parts) and another to show you how much it would cost to purchase a new air compressor or air tool – this way you know all your options and can make a well-informed decision!

4. Compressed Air systems and Air Tool Safety Checks:

Safety checks are of utmost importance when you are dealing with air compression tools. Piston air compressors, petrol air compressors and 3 phase compressors, among other air tools, have to be handled in the right way in order to limit any health or damage risks.

Call Cameron (08 9256 1699) to arrange an appropriate time for our specialist teams to visit your workplace and conduct an efficient safety check.

Most service and repair procedures are carried out within 48 hours. Although we carry a large range of spare parts for most of our air compressors and air tools, it is possible that we may either run out of stock of an item, or not hold it – in this case, parts have to be sourced locally, adding an extra 24 hours to your waiting time. Bare in mind that if required parts are to be obtained from the eastern states then there may be an extra 7-10 day waiting period.

You will be kept up-to-date on any developments during the service or repair of your air compressor or tool. If there is a delay however, please do not hesitate to contact our Wangara Workshop (08 9302 4577), or the Canning Vale Workshop (08 9265 1699).


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