Black Cat Hydraulic Air Nut Riveter

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Black Cat Hydraulic Air Nut Riveter Features

  • Hydraulic Air Nut Riveter
  • Traction Power: 1250kgf
  • Air Pressure to Operate Air Nut Riveter: 85-92psi
  • Includes M4-M10 Nose Piece
  • Hydraulic Air Nut Riveter Stroke: 5-10mm
  • Size: 190mm X 270mm
  • Hydraulic Riveter Air Consumption: 1.5L/Stroke


This Black Cat Hydraulic Air Nut Riveter is designed for years of worry free industrial use and produces a massive 1250kg of traction power so you can quickly get the job done right. Despite its power, this hydraulic air nut riveter only consumes 1.5L of air per stroke making it extremely efficient and only requiring a portable air compressor to operate at full capacity.

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