Black Cat 3/16″ Hydraulic Air Riveter

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Black Cat 3/16″ Hydraulic Air Riveter Features

  • 3/16″ Hydraulic Air Riveter
  • Traction Power: 1045kgf
  • Air Pressure to Operate Air Riveter: 78-85psi
  • Includes 2 Nose Pieces
  • NW: 1.48kg
  • Size: 170mm X 265mm
  • Hydraulic Riveter Air Consumption: 1.48L/stroke
  • Stroke Length of Air Hydraulic Riveter: 16mm


This Black Cat 3/16” Hydraulic Air Riveter makes short work of any riveting job with its air over hydraulic system that helps save time and reduce operator fatigue. Boasting a massive traction power of 1045 kg/f, you can literally use this 3/16” hydraulic air riveter to attach stainless on stainless up to 4mm! In all, the Black Cat hydraulic air riveter can take rivets up to 3/16” with steel mandrel. Included with this hydraulic air riveter are two nose pieces (2.4mm and 4.8mm) that provide adjustable depth options for different jobs, materials, etc. And weighing just 1.48kg total weight, you can easily maneuver this hydraulic riveter into any position and not worry about operator fatigue even after hours of worry-free use!

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