Black Cat 1/4″ Hydraulic Air Riveter

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Black Cat 1/4″ Hydraulic Air Riveter Features

  • 1/4″ Hydraulic Air Riveter
  • Traction Power: 1600kgf
  • Air Pressure to Operate Air Riveter: 78-85psi
  • Includes 2 Nose Pieces
  • NW: 1.48kg
  • Size: 170mm X 265mm
  • Hydraulic Riveter Air Consumption: 1.48L/stroke
  • Stroke Length of Air Hydraulic Riveter: 16mm


When you need to fasten serious pieces of metal together, this Black Cat ¼” hydraulic air riveter is the tool you need and can fasten 2 pieces of stainless steel together when the combined depth is 6mm or less. This is because this industrial strength ¼” air hydraulic riveter produces a massive 1600kgf but only uses an average of 1.48L/stroke of air so you don’t need a massive air compressor to run it—in fact, most portable compressors would work perfectly so long as they can generate 78-85psi. With a total weight of just 1.48kg, it is easy to use this hydraulic air riveter in the horizontal, vertical, or even angled position without worry of operator fatigue!

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