Black Cat 1438 ST Concrete Air Nail Gun

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Black Cat 1438 ST Concrete Air Nail Gun Features

  • Ergonomic Rubber Grip to Reduce Fatigue
  • 15-38mm ST Concrete Air Nail Gun
  • Air Pressure to Operate Concrete Nail Gun: 90psi
  • Hardened Nail Drive Bar for Extended Use
  • NW: 1.6kg
  • Nails: 15-38mm 16 gauge
  • Air Nail Gun Capacity: 80 Nails
  • Super Heavy Duty Construction
  • Fires Hardened ST Nails Into Concrete or Brick


This Black Cat 1438 ST Concrete Air Nail Gun is Super Heavy Duty and designed to help you with a wide range of jobs, including: Plywood to concrete nailing; wire lath installation; applying furring strips, steel banding, decking, and installation of sub flooring. Featuring a hardened nail drive bar for extended life, this industrial grade concrete air nailer will provide you with years of worry free use and dependability. Thanks to a large 80 nail capacity and the ability to use 20-50mm hardened ST nails, you can complete a wide range of projects quickly and safely with this high quality and versatile 38mm concrete air nail gun.

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