Black Cat 1650 50mm SF Concrete Air Nail Gun

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Black Cat 50mm SF Concrete Air Nail Gun Features

  • Ergonomic Rubber Grip to Reduce Fatigue
  • 50mm SF Concrete Air Nail Gun
  • Air Pressure Needed to Operate Nail Gun: 90psi
  • Hardened Nail Drive Bar for Extended Use
  • NW: 2.1kg
  • Size: 300mm X 68mm X 257mm
  • Air Nail Gun Capacity: 100 Nails
  • Super Heavy Duty Construction
  • Fires Hardened SF Nails Into Concrete or Brick
  • SF nail sizes are 15, 18 25 30 35mm
  • Fires 16 gauge Brads (C series, T series) into timber
  • C Brads (T brads) sizes are 20, 25,32 35, 38, 45, 50mm


This powerful Black Cat 1650 50mm SF Concrete Air Nail Gun literally drives hardened SF nails directly into concrete or brick—just one click and you’re done! And don’t worry, you won’t be running out to replace this concrete air nailer any time soon thanks to its hardened nail drive bar that helps extend use and minimize maintenance. And with a extra large 100 nail capacity, you can quickly finish jobs without wasting loads of time loading more nails into the concrete air gun. And to help you work on a wider range of jobs, you can use 15-50mm nails making this concrete air nail gun both dependable and versatile enough to complete any project. This concrete air nail gun is ideally suited for applying furring strips, plywood to concrete nailing, wire lath installation, steel banding, decking, sub flooring, and even fence construction! As a bonus this Air nail gun also takes 16 gauge brad nails (C series, T series) for your timber to timber fixing jobs.

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