80 Series Air Staple Gun – Black Cat 8016


Black Cat 80 Series Air Staple Gun Features

  • Ergonomic Rubber Grip to Reduce Fatigue
  • Air Pressure Needed to Operate Nail Gun: 90psi
  • Hardened Nail Drive Bar for Extended Use
  • NW: 0.95kg
  • Size: 200mm X 45mm X 145mm
  • Air Nail Gun Capacity: 100 Nails
  • Super Heavy Duty Construction
  • 80 series /staples
  • 12.7mm crown width
  • Staple length 4-16mm


Black Cat 8016

80 Series Air Staple Gun

This powerful Black Cat 80 series air staple Gun is a professional quality tool. Designed for industrial use this tool is very solid construction and slightly heavy. That’s a good thing as the tool takes the recoil not you. It also means the staples drive in to correct depth consistently as the tool doesn’t jump all over the job. And with a extra large 100 nail capacity, you can quickly finish jobs without wasting loads of time loading more nails into stapler air gun. The track is made of steel so it will last a long time. And to help you work on a wider range of jobs, you can use 4-16mm staples making this air staple gun both dependable and versatile enough to complete any project. This air staple gun is ideally suited for applying upholstery, motor trim, cabinet making and many more jobs.

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