Straight Air Needle Scaler – Stutz ST-268NS


Stutz ST-268NS Straight Air Needle Scaler Features

  • Straight Air Needle Scaler
  • Air Needle Scaler Impact Rate: 4600 BPM
  • Air Needle Diameter: 3mm X 180mm
  • Number of Air Needles: 19
  • Air Piston Size: 23.5mm X 43.5mm
  • Straight Air Needle Scaler Length: 460mm
  • Air consumption: 15cfm
  • NW: 2.8kg
  • Air Inlet: 1/4″” BSP


This Stutz Straight Air Needle Scaler will quickly remove rust, dirt, flux, slag, or even paint safely without damaging the surface. In total, this straight air needle scaler includes 19 needles that have an impact rate of 4600 BPM which alternate to both prepare the surface and reduce wear and tear on individual needles. Operator wear is reduced by the ergonomic design and the weight of the entire straight air needle scaler comes in just under 2.8kg so you can use it until the job is done without worry about strain or fatigue!

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