Stutz Air Concrete Hammer

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Stutz Air Concrete Hammer Features

  • Heavy Duty Air Concrete Hammer
  • Low Recoil Helps Minimize Vibration of Concrete Hammer
  • Clutch Mechanism Built into Air Hammer Handle
  • Impact Per Minute: 1000 BPM
  • Air Concrete Hammer Stroke: 235mm
  • Averate Air Consumption: 42cfm
  • Concrete Hammer Length with Chisel: 880mm
  • Concrete Hammer Length without Chisel: 590mm
  • NW: 24.6kg
  • Air Hose Required to Operate: 3/4″”


This Stutz Air Concrete Hammer is a professional grade heavy-duty demolition tool specifically designed for chipping, hammering, chiseling, and demolition of stone, brick, concrete or other masonry materials. With an average air consumption of 42cfm during normal operation, this heavy-duty concrete jack hammer has an impact rate of 1,000 BPM which is more than enough to power through any masonry material with ease. The ergonomic design, low recoil, and a built-in clutch mechanism in the handle on this air concrete hammer helps reduce vibration during use and reduce operator fatigue so you can power through and get the job done.

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