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These Akko Air Metal Shears cut Cleanly straight through steel (up to 1.2mm thick) and aluminum (up to 1.6mm thick) and are ideally suited for vehicle repair shops, welding/fabricating, or any heavy-duty cutting job—and done fast! These professional grade air metal shears produce 2600 free cuts per minute while consuming just 4 cfm so you can cut through jobs fast while only needing a small portable air compressor to operate at full capacity. The total weight on these air metal scissors is just 1.0kg making it easy to position them wherever needed to get the job done without causing strain. The cutting head rotates 360 degrees allowing the tool to be used in a wide variety of places. Cuts cleanly without the mess, just a scroll of offcut material to dispose of. No chips like a nibbler or rough cuts from a saw or grinder.

Akko FMS256AS Pistol Grip Air Metal Shears Features

  • Cut Sheet metal Steel up to 18 gauge 1.2mm
  • Cut Aluminium up to 1.6mm
  • Botton of Handle Exhaust
  • Air Consumption 4cfm
  • Air Inlet 1/4″
  • Free Air Speed is 2600 RPM
  • NW 1.0kg
  • Length: 205mm
  • Body: Composite
  • Warranty 1 year against manufacturer’s defects

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