Air Grease Gun, Continuous Flow FGG505K

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Continuous Air Grease Gun Features

  • Aluminum Continuous Air Grease Gun
  • Includes Handle for Manual Operation
  • Grease Gun Includes Flexible and Hard Spouts
  • NW: 1.6kg
  • Operational Air Pressure: 40-100psi
  • Output Air Pressure: 1600-4000 psi
  • Grease Gun Includes 4 Jaw Super Grip Coupler
  • Air Grease Gun Cartridge: 500cc or 16oz
  • Grease Gun Includes Bleeder Valve to Purge Air
  • Grease Gun Volume Output: 216ml/min


450G Cartridge size – Pneumatic / manual grease gun kit

This heavy duty Aluminum body Continuous flow Air Grease Gun is ideal for vehicle/truck repair shops and maintaining heavy equipment and produces 216ml/min to help you get jobs done quicker and with less mess thanks to the 4 jaw super grip coupler. A bleeder valve on this heavy duty aluminum air grease gun helps purge unwanted air and you can even operate it manually thanks to the optional handle. And while you only need 40-100 psi to operate this continuous air grease gun, the output pressure is a staggering 1600-4000 psi. You can quickly change out the 450cc cartridges to reduce operation time and help you complete jobs faster and with less mess!

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