Air Grease Gun Kit FGG500K

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Aluminum Air Grease Gun Features

  • Aluminum Air Grease Gun
  • Includes Handle for Manual Operation
  • Grease Gun Includes Flexible and Hard Spouts
  • NW: 1.6kg
  • Operational Air Pressure: 40-100psi
  • Output Air Pressure: 1600-4000 psi
  • Grease Gun Includes 4 Jaw Super Grip Coupler
  • Air Grease Gun Cartridge: 500cc or 16oz
  • Grease Gun Includes Bleeder Valve to Purge Air
  • Grease Gun Volume Output: 216ml/min
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450G Cartridge size – Pneumatic / manual grease gun kit

This high quality air grease gun is made with a cast aluminum body for extended life and easy clean-up. A bleeder valve makes it easy to purge unwanted air from the air grease gun and a handle is included for manual operation when needed. And the 40:1 ratio air motor on this high quality grease gun pumps out 216ml/min. so you can get the job done fast and effectively. A 4-Jaw super grip coupler means less waste and frustration during grease gun use and with a total weight of just 1.6kg, you can easily position this tool where needed without worry of operator fatigue.

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