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Alemlube Samoa 20kg Grease Drum Kit

These 20kg Air Operated Grease Kits ideal for ideal for busy workshops where greasing is undertaken all day, every day.

Integral filter protects pump from foreign particle contamination
55:1 ratio air motor develops grease pressures up to 7,950psi
Will handle high density, tacky greases up to NLGI2
Covered by a unique two year warranty
Quiet operation due to exhaust muffler
Cast alloy dual cylinder air motor guarantees a long service life


The 424170 20kg grease kit is powered by an air operated reciprocating grease pump that is designed for high pressure greasing. Designed to be used with all types of grease (up to NLG-2 consistency) from the original drums, the Samoa 20kg grease kit is reliable, dependable and robust. The heavy-duty hand piece will not leak and the 55:1 ratio air motor of the grease pump will develop more than enough pressure to lubricate even the stiffest lube points.


Uses Greasing applications in the industrial, mining, transport, automotive and agricultural sectors
Discharge Quantity 0.5 kgs per minute
Materials Aluminium air motor housing and bung adaptor with steel down tube assembly
Weight 11Kgs
Outlet/Inlet 3/8” B SP (F)/ 1/4” B SP (F)

Operating instructions
The 424170 20kg grease kit pumps must be mounted grease drums by means of the drum cover that has a 2”BSP thread. To ensure consistent and reliable operation, particularly in areas where temperature drops to or 40 below zero, a grease follower plate is supplied to avoid the formation of air pockets and to enable the kit to use all of the grease supplied in a 20kg grease drum. In the case of pumps to be equipped with adaptor for a 2” threaded cover, release the bung adapt or jaws by removing the lower part of the bung adaptor. Screw it on to the 2” bung opening. Place the bung adaptor and the adaptors three jaws on the pumps pump tube assembly and finally tighten the adaptor back up.
Carefully push the grease pump through the follower plate until the suction tube is partial introduced into the drum. The installation, using the necessary set of adaptors, of a compressed air service unit (filter and regulator) is recommended. In order to improve the efficiency of the pump, under extreme conditions, the installation of a lubricator is also recommended. The pumps air entry pressure must be limited to 10 bar, (140psi) maximum. If necessary, a pressure regulator may be installed.
Grease Discharge Connection
The grease discharge outlet is a 3/8” BSP (F) thread. Connect the said outlet to the high pressure hose. Check that the control valve is closed. Slowly open the pumps compressed air inlet valve. The pump which has already been primed at the manufacturing plant, will start to function filling the hose with grease. Maintain pressure on the grease
control valve until the grease starts coming out of the grease control valves coupler. The 20kg grease kit is now ready for use.

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