Professional HVLP Gravity Spray Gun – Stutz FSG528M


High Volume Low Pressure Gravity Spray Gun Features

  • HVLP Spray Gun
  • Standard Spray Tip Included: 1.4mm
  • Optional Spray Tips: 1.7mm, 2.0mm, 2.4mm
  • Air Consumption Range: 2.8-7.9cfm
  • Spray Pattern: 300mm
  • Fluid Output: 190cc/min
  • Operating Air Pressure Required: 15-28 psi
  • Air Inlet: 1/4″ BSP


Spraying with a Stutz HVLP spray guns can potentially save the average paint workshop thousands of dollars every year!

HVLP technology give greater paint transfer to the job and cuts back dramatically on over spray. Because of this less paint is used, coating time is reduced, clean up is reduced. You can expect up to 61% improvement in paint transfer over a conventional spray gun.

Stutz spray guns are made for professional industrial grade spray jobs but are also found in home workshops on car restorations and other jobs. The emphasis with Stutz is to make precision spray guns affordable, reliable and efficient. They are made in a state of the art factory in Taiwan employing the latest CNC machines to ensure consistent precise products. Reliability is enhanced by using Teflon seals which are long lasting and resistant to harsh chemicals. The air caps are made from high tech alloys for long life. The fluid needles are made of Stainless Steel. The ergonomic designed gun bodies are coated with a special coating to make cleaning easier. By Stutz HVLP spray guns operating a lower pressure than most spray guns result is less over spray, more paint on the job and savings to the user. Operating at a lower pressure also means lower air consumption and less running time on your compressor. Again you save money on electricity.

This Stutz FSG528M HVLP Gravity Spray Gun provides a wide 300mm spray pattern to bang jobs out fast and and creates a smooth professional grade finish. And in addition to applying 2Pac Paint, you can also use this high volume low pressure gravity spray gun to apply acrylic or almost any water-based material or solvent. And thanks to the HVLP design, this gravity-fed spray gun has an operating range of 15-28psi with an average air consumption that ranges from 2.8-7.9 cfm depending on the material you are spraying and the spray tip used. A standard 1.4mm spray tip is included but you can also select a 1.7mm, 2.0mm, or 2.4 mm tip when purchasing this high quality HVLP gravity spray gun.

The Stutz brand is synonymous with quality and product performance, comparable to that of brands retailing for a lot more. Covered by an extensive 1 Year Warranty! Need a HVLP Spray gun that delivers all your commercial needs? Purchase the a Stutz spray gun! BUY NOW.

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