10 Litre Pressure Paint Pot Set


10L Pressure Pot Set Features 

  • 10L Pressure Paint Pot Set
  • Includes 2m Hose
  • Spray Pattern Width: 180-250mm
  • Air Consumption Range: 6.0-8.8cfm
  • Stainless Steel Needle and Fluid Tip
  • Acrylic, 2Pac Paint, Water Based Materials
  • Maximum Capacity: 10L
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This massive 10L Pressure Paint Pot Set helps reduce mixing time in between coats and is ideally suited for painting semi-trailers, houses, or any large object that requires a lot of material to get it covered! In fact, this 10L paint pot is suitable for spraying acrylic, 2Pac Paint, and most water based materials and produces up to a 250mm wide spray pattern to get the job done quickly but correctly. The average air consumption on this 10L Pressure Paint Pot Set varies between 6.0-8.8cfm depending on the material you are spraying. Included with this Pressure Paint Pot Set is a high quality 2m hose providing you with plenty of room to get around whatever it is you’re spraying! A standard 2.0mm spray tip is included with this 10L paint pot set but optional tips in the sizes of 1.5mm or 2.5mm are also available.

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