Stutz K2P600S 2L Pressure Pot Set


Stutz K2P600S 2L Pressure Pot Set Features

  • 2L Pressure Paint Pot Set
  • Includes 1.3m Twin Hoses
  • High Efficiency Transfer Reduces Overspray
  • Average Air Pressure: 30-43psi
  • 104mm Stainless Steel Needle and Fluid Tip
  • Acrylic, 2Pac Paint, Water Based Materials
  • Maximum Capacity: 2L
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Eliminate mixing time and get the job done faster using this Stutz K2P600S  2L Pressure Pot that is suitable for spraying acrylic, 2Pac paint, and most water based materials and solvents. Featuring a stainless steel needle and fluid tip, this professional grade 2L pressure paint pot boasts a high transfer efficiency which reduces overspray and creates a smoother, more professional finish. A standard 1.4 mm spray tip is included but you can also purchase a 1.1mm and 2.0mm spray tips as well. Don’t worry, you won’t need a massive air compressor to use this Stutz 2L pressure paint pot effectively because the average air pressure required for optimal use ranges between 30-43psi. And a high quality 2m hose is included standard making it easier to get around large objects without moving the 2L pressure pot every time.

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