Water Separator Trap 1-1/2″ SMC AMG650C-14D

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Remove bulk water from your compressed air system with an SMC AMG series water separator / water trap. These are best fitted before the point of use. The SMC AGM water separators trap 99% of water and are fitted with an auto drain to the bowl. These water traps can be used before a refrigerated air dryer to lessen the load on the dryer to achieve a lower pressure dew point. Very low pressure drop and an operating range of 0.15 to 1.0 MPa. The device is self cleaning and thus maintenance free. They can be connected into pipework or hung using the optional bracket assembly.

SMC AMG 650C-14D – Suit compressor up to 18kw / 25hp

  • Port Size: Rc1-1/2
  • Max Flow: 6000 L/M 212.0 CFM

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