Coalescing Air Filter and Desiccant Dryer – FLM864

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Dryer for your Compressed air supply

Keep your air tools running in top condition and moisture out of your spray paint using this ½” Coalescing Air Filter & Desiccant Dryer System. The 0.01 micron screen in the coalescing air filter removes dirt, oils and other contaminants from your air supply while the desiccant dryer eliminates water vapor so your air supply is clean and won’t damage your air tools or ruin your paint job. This ½” coalescing air filter and desiccant dryer system has a working pressure range of 7-150psi and high volume flow rate of 300L/min so you can still operate even your largest air tools worry free.

The Desiccant beads in the dryer are Self Indicating. The blue beads change to pink indicating that they become exhausted and should be replaced or regenerated.

Regeneration Instructions

The blue desiccant gel beads we supply are auto-indicating – the blue indicator beads change from Blue (when active), to Pink when it is no longer active (saturated).

Once the desiccant beads are no longer active, it is easy to dry them out by heating the beads in an open container in your oven, at a temperature of between 105 and 110°c. When the indicating granules return to their original blue colour, let them cool and then store it in a sealed container until you are ready to use it again.


1/2″ Coalescing Air Filter and Desiccant Dryer System Features

  • 1/2″ Coalescing Air Filter and Desiccant Dryer System
  • 0.01 Micron Air Screen in coalesing filter
  • 1/2″ BSP ports
  • Maximum Air Flow Rate: 300L/min
  • Maximum Operating Temperature: 60° Celcius
  • Protects Air Tools from Corrosion and Damage

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