1″ Compressed Air Filter Regulator – AW5000-10

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1″ Compressed Air Filter Regulator Features

  • 5 Micron Screen
  • 1″ BSP ports
  • Maximum Air Flow Rate: 5000L/min
  • Maximum Operating Temperature: 60° C
  • Protects Air Tools from Corrosion and Damage
  • Maximum Air Pressure: 215psi
  • Working Air Pressure: 7-150psi


This Akko 1” Compressed Air Filter Regulator system is designed to both protect your air tools for longer running life and enhance performance. Also known as a Piggyback system because it combines both the air filter and regulator into one compact unit, the compressed air filter has a 5 micron screen to remove particulates like oil, water, and dirt while the pressure regulator controls air pressure to enhance air tool performance. This 1” compressed air filter regulator was designed for manufacturing or automated environments thanks to its massive 5000L/min flow rate and 215 psi max air output.

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