Air Compressor Piston 10HP 3-Phase – Akko AT100

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Akko AT100 10HP 3-Phase Air Compressor

  •  1480 L/min, 52.3 CFM, 34.0 FAD
  • Smooth 4-Pole 10hp 7.5 kw electric motor
  • Massive 250L Air Tank for Extended Use
  • 10 Bar (150 psi) Performance
  • Rugged Cast Iron “W” Triple Cylinder Pump
  • 3-Phase Motor with Electronic Protection
  • Worldwide Delivery Available
  • Fully Adjustable Pressure Switch and Gauge
  • Features High Performance Heads
  • Includes Extra Large Cooling Fan
  • Forklift Safe for Transport
  • L1800mm x W 650mm x H 1100mm
  • NW 300kg


If you need to use multiple air tools all throughout the day, then look no further than the Akko AT100 10HP 3-Phase air compressor. Featuring the Akko rugged cast iron “W” triple cylinder pump with high performance heads, this industrial-grade air compressor is designed for extended use in any setting. With a 250 Litre air tank and a replenish rate of 1480L per minute, the Akko AT100 10HP 3-Phase air compressor can handle your toughest jobs day after day. The smooth 4-pole 7.5kw 10HP electric motor features is cooled with a massive fan and includes electronic protection to ensure years of worry-free use even under the harshest of conditions. Weighing in at 300kg, you can either roll the Akko AT100 10HP air compressor into position using our industrial grade wheels or use a forklift thanks to our forklift-safe design. All Akko Air compressors undergo over 100 separate inspections to assure quality and come with a full 12-month “quibble free” warranty. Priced at just $3000 and at a savings of 25% off of the retail price, the Akko 10HP 3-Phase air compressor is an absolute steal for the performance and durability built into every unit!

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