Air Compressor Piston 15HP 3 Phase – Akko AT150

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Akko AT150 15HP 3 Phase Air Compressor

  • Forklift Feet for Safe Transport
  • Rugged Cast Iron “W” Triple Cylinder Pump
  • 15 HP 3-Phase Motor with Electronic Protection
  • L 1800mm x W 700mm x H 1240mm
  • High Flow Manifold for Enhanced Performance
  • Fully Adjustable Pressure Switch and Gauge
  • Features High Performance Heads
  • Includes Extra Large Cooling Fan
  • 10 Bar (150 psi) Performance
  • Smooth 4-Pole 11.0 kw electric motor
  • Massive 250L Air Tank for Extended Use
  • 2080 L/min, 73.5 CFM, 47.8 FAD
  • NW 350kg

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The Akko AT150 15HP 3-Phase air compressor is designed for industrial use and can easily power multiple air tools all day long without sacrificing performance. With a refresh rate of 2080L/min thanks to our revolutionary “W” triple cylinder pump with high performance heads and a massive 250L air tank, you never have to worry about “waiting for the air to build” again. To extend running time, the smooth 4 pole 15HP electric motor is cooled by an extra large fan and also includes electronic protection. And with advanced performance features like a high flow manifold and fully adjustable pressure switch, the Akko AT150 15HP 3 Phase air compressor delivers enough air power to get any job done. All Akko Air compressors undergo over 100 separate inspections to assure quality and come with a full 12-month “quibble free” warranty. Priced at just $3500 and at a savings of nearly 30% off of the retail price, the Akko 15HP 3-Phase air compressor provides industrial-grade performance at wholesale prices!

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