Diesel Piston Air Compressor 10HP – Akko AT80D


Akko AT80D 10HP Diesel Air Compressor Features

  • Fork Lift Base Mounted for Easy Transport
  • Rugged Cast Iron “W” Triple Cylinder Pump
  • 10 HP Air Cooled Diesel Motor w/ Direct Injection
  • L1480mm x W 500mm x H 1100mm
  • Massive 160L Air Tank for Added Capacity
  • Electric Start 10HP Diesel Engine
  • High Flow Manifold for Enhanced Performance
  • Includes 12-Month Warranty
  • 8 Bar (125 psi) Performance
  • NW 195kg
  • Includes High Performance Heads
  • 1450 L/min, 28 CFM, 28.0 FAD


The Akko AT80D 10HP Diesel piston Air Compressor can easily power multiple air tools at the same time by pumping out a massive 1450L/min. with its revolutionary “W” triple cylinder pump and high performance heads. For enhanced performance and durability, the 10HP diesel engine is air cooled and features direct injection along with a high flow manifold. Although very lightweight for its performance, the Akko 10HP diesel piston air compressor features fork lift base mounting so you can easily move it into position. And with a massive 160L air tank, you can tackle even the biggest of jobs with complete confidence knowing you’ll never run out of air to power even the largest of air tools! All Akko Air compressors undergo over 100 separate inspections to assure quality and come with a full 12-month “quibble free” warranty. Priced at just $2,200 (including GST), the Akko 10HP diesel air compressor is truly one of the most affordable industrial-grade options on the market today!

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