Air Fittings

Air Tools WA offers you a wide variety of compressed air compressors, fittings and couplings. Whether you’re using a petrol air compressor or a diesel compressor, you want to make sure the connection between your air tools and air supply is functioning just as it should – you can ensure this with our high quality air fittings and couplings that are specifically designed to be durable, corrosion-resistant and long-lasting!

Air fittings:

Air fittings help to redirect a pipe or air hose through which air flows. There are many different types of air fittings (straight air fittings, elbow air fittings, rotary union air fittings etc), so you have to be careful to select one that is most appropriate for your air compressor/air tool and purpose! Specific air compressors (such as rotary screw compressors or petrol compressors) may have different air fitting requirements.

Air couplings:

In order for air couplings to work properly, they need to match your air tools perfectly – because of this you have to check what sort of air compressor you need a coupling for, before making a purchase. The couplings have to match the air tool by type, as well as by size – two connecting pieces of different size will not work. We offer a wide range of air couplings, including claw couplings, quick connect couplings, male and female coupling adapters, hose tail couplings, Minsup Type A hose tail couplings, and many more! So whether you have a piston air compressor or a diesel air compressor, check out our selection and choose the appropriate shape and size!

Air hose reels:

An air reel makes all the difference in any work involving an air hose – there is nothing quite as comfortable! Using an air hose can get messy, confusing and just plain inefficient (taking up a lot of valuable time); an air reel keeps your air hose organised and your work much faster and easier! Air Tools WA provides numerous air reel options, so whether you’re looking for a retractable air hose reel or a swivel base air hose reel, you’re sure to find something appropriate here!

Air manifolds:

No matter what air compression tools you’re using (single phase air compressors, screw compressors, etc.), air manifolds allow you to run multiple tools off a single air supply (each tool can be isolated when needed). Air manifolds come in different shapes, sizes, levels of complexity, and number of junctions; each is designed to be suited to different purposes and requirements.

Take a look at our product listings for a comprehensive look at all our air accessories and fittings. All air compressors require some form of air fittings and couplings (from 3 phase air compressors to single phase compressors); in order for these air tools to function optimally, you need appropriate, high quality air fittings and here at Air Tools WA, we aim to help you do just that!

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