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Airtools WA are the proud supplier of SMC’s Micro Mist Separator range. We only provide the best quality products, and that’s exactly what you’re getting from SMC. These water separators ranging in size from ¼” to 2” have a filtration efficiency of 99.9%, meaning they can separate and remove aerosol state oil mist and carbon or dust of 0.01 μm or larger. These separators are ideal for use in clean rooms where you need higher levels of clean air, as well as with precision instruments.Water separators are best used in conjunction with other air drying methods, such as using them before a refrigerated air dryer to take the strain off and reach a lower pressure dew point. These devices are extremely low maintenance as they are self-cleaning, and they are fitted with an auto drain to the bowl, making them an effective and efficient method for removing water from your compressed air system.

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