Air Hammers & Scalers

Air Hammers & Scalers

Nothing beats air hammers, breakers, chippers and scalers when it comes to generating power-to-weight ratio and getting those dirty, nasty jobs done fast!  These high quality air hammers and air breakers were specifically designed to make light work of any chiselling, hammering, chipping, or demolition work.

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Air Hammers Benefits

Our entire collection of pneumatic hammers and breakers were designed for repeated abuse in the harshest of work environments—and they just keep pounding away year after year thanks to their heavy duty construction. Most air hammers and breakers feature an ergonomic design, low recoil, and a built-in clutch mechanism in the handle to minimise vibrations and maximise performance.  So browse through our extensive collection of air hammers and air breakers to find the perfect tool for your needs and budget.
  • Super Heavy Duty Construction for Long Life
  • Low Recoil and Built-In Clutch to Minimise Vibrations
  • Ideal for chipping, hammering, chiselling and demolition work
As always, please Contact Us with any questions and we will be happy to respond within one business day or less.  Or to speak directly with one of our dedicated Air Hammer Specialists, simply call us at: 1300 062 377.