Hose & Reels

Deliver your compressed air power wherever needed with our high quality air hose reels which have been designed and manufactured to industrial standards for long life and easy use.  We also offer air hose reel models that have auto-retract functionality to make clean-up a breeze and keep your shop free from clutter and dangerous hoses lying about when not in use.   And if you already have a high quality hose reel, we also offer a wide range of stand-alone air hoses in just about any size or dimension you can imagine.

Auto Rewind Available on Some Air Hose Reels
All of Our Air Hose Reels Designed for Long Life and Dependability
Swivel Hose Reels Also Available

As always, please Contact Us with any questions and we will be happy to respond within one business day or less. Or to speak directly with one of our dedicated Pneumatic Specialists, simply call us at: 1300 062 377.

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