Peerless Single Phase Piston air compressor

 The Airtools WA range of Peerless branded belt drive compressors are specifically designed for heavy-duty operations. Many single-phase air compressors overheat easily, leading to reduced efficiency and a shorter working life, but not these tough Peerless compressors. They’re designed to run at 60-85% duty cycle, which simply makes them last longer.

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Peerless single-phase air compressors

All Peerless single-phase air compressors are also equipped with the unique Smart Filter, which reduces start up amps draw by 30-40%. This means you can get to work even in low-voltage areas. If you’re looking for tough, reliable single-phase air compressors that are built to last, Peerless Products have got you covered.We don’t just sell air compressors and leave you on your own though. Our team can help with all your installation needs, and we can supply all parts and accessories to make your job easier. For all your air compressor needs, including repairs and servicing, contact Airtools WA, your local specialists.