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Our Dental Air Compressors are made by Atlas Copco, one of Australia’s leading Air Tool brands, and are designed specifically to meet the needs of dental practices.

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Certified oil-free Dental Air Compressors

All our dental air compressors are certified 100% oil-free, so your dental practice and your patients can enjoy cleaner, more efficient air. Not just clean and efficient, these are industry-grade for reliability you can depend on, as well as operating with low noise levels, from 53dB(A) to 65dB(A). Our Atlas Copco range of dental compressors includes;LFxD – Compact air ideal for small practices  LF – High Performance dental air  SF – Silent air for large practicesThe Atlas Copco LFx dental air compressor is a compact model, ideal for use in small practices so you can maximise your room space, without compromising on operating efficiency. Certified 100% oil-free, you can rest assured that you are using the cleanest air possible for your patients. This unit comes in one piece for easy install – simply plug in and you are ready to go.The SF and SF+ air compressor models are models for larger dental practices, offering increased air capacity to meet the operating needs of busy clinics. These certified oil-free air compressors deliver a consistent flow of pure, clean air, guaranteeing you no risk of contamination, or compliance issues. With extremely low noise levels, you can provide your patients with a quieter, calmer environment of sound levels as low as 53 dB(A).

Expert advice and repairs

At Air Tools WA we offer our expert advice when it comes to anything air, so if you aren’t sure which model is the best for your dental practice, just give us a call or pop into our Wangara or Canning Vale showrooms. We also carry top quality, industrial-grade parts, and provide a repair service for the ongoing maintenance and upkeep of your new dental compressor – so you can always have air when you need it. Air Tools WA are your local Atlas Copco Authorised Dealer.Browse our range of dental compressors, visit our showrooms or give our team a call, we are happy to help.

High-grade Medical Air Compressors

Air Tools WA are your local Atlas Copco Authorised Dealer, and we have sourced our Medical Air Compressors from their industry-leading range.Designed specifically for medical application, our Medical Air Compressors are all certified oil-free, removing any risk of oil transfer to your patients and providing the cleanest, purest air possible. Atlas Copco are the world’s first compressor manufacturer to receive certification according to the latest edition of the industry standard of air purity: ISO 8573-1 CLASS 0 (2010).What are the benefits of CLASS 0 Certification?
  • Eliminates risk of contamination or product damage
  • Guarantees total air purity
  • No operational downtime
  • Better for the environment
  • Lower maintenance costs
  • TÜV quality tested
All our Medical Air Compressors utilise Elektronikon® Mk5 technology which controls the main drive motor and regulates your system. This gives your system maximum efficiency and ensures it’s reliability. The ES-Medical controller guarantees that your medical air system is fully monitored at all times.

Our Medical Air Compressor range

AQ-MED water-injected compressorDesigned for flexible air pressure requirements, the AQ-MED is the most powerful oil-free compressor in the range (13 bar). Specs:Capacity l/s cfm - 22 l/s - 115 l/sWorking pressure - 4 bar(e) - 13 bar(e)Installed motor power - 15 kW - 55 kWAverage energy savings of 35% Standard Variable Speed Drive (VSD)Elektronikon® Mk5 controlISO 8573-1 Class 0 certifiedSF-MED oil-free scroll compressorIdeal for hospital environments, the SF-MED has low noise levels for patient and staff comfort. Specs:Capacity l/s cfm - 3 l/s - 30 l/sWorking pressure - 4 bar(e) - 10 bar(e)Installed motor power - 2 kW - 22 kWMulti-core for continued operationStandard Variable Speed Drive (VSD)Elektronikon® Mk5 controlISO 8573-1 Class 0 certifiedLF-MED oil-free piston compressorThis model is designed for smaller hospitals who need an oil-free air compressor solution without the size and price tag of the larger models.Capacity l/s cfm - 8 l/s - 15 l/sWorking pressure - 4 bar(e) - 10 bar(e)Installed motor power - 4 kW – 7.5 kW100% duty cycle for uninterrupted service Standard Variable Speed Drive (VSD)Elektronikon® Mk5 controlISO 8573-1 Class 0 certifiedZT-MED oil-free rotary tooth compressorThe higher capacity and larger air-flow rates make the ZT-MED the ideal choice for larger hospitals with high medical air requirements.Capacity l/s cfm - 30 l/s - 135 l/sWorking pressure - 4 bar(e) - 10 bar(e)Installed motor power - 15 kW - 55 kWSound-insulated canopy for lower noise levelsStandard Variable Speed Drive (VSD)Elektronikon® Mk5 controlISO 8573-1 Class 0 certifiedBrowse our range of Medical Air Compressors or consult our expert team for advice on selecting the right compressor for the needs of your medical centres.