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Atlas Copco Piston Air Compressors

Piston Air Compressors, or Reciprocating Air Compressors, provide a safe, reliable and economic way to power many different applications in a variety of industries. Robust and functional, they can be stationary or mobile, and have low maintenance costs.

As the Western Australia Authorized Distributor of Atlas Copco Air Compressors, and along with Atlas Copco, one of the highest-quality suppliers of air compressors in the business, we supply a wide range of only the top brands of compressors. Every unit we stock has been tried and tested, first by ourselves, and then by our long list of satisfied customers.

If we wouldn’t use it ourselves, we won’t recommend it to anyone else.

Our range of piston air compressors includes:

Black Cat oil lubricated – Electric
Akko industrial oil lubricated – Electric, Petrol & Diesel
Atlas Copco oil lubricated – Electric
Atlas Copco oil free – Electric
SP Air trade oil lubricated – Electric

We cater for all type of trades and industries, so no matter how large or how small your job requirements, we can match you with the piston air compressor you need. Are you a tradie needing small, mobile piston compressors for running nail guns and air tools? A trucking company needing high pressure compressors to pump truck tyres? Maybe even a farmer wanting compressed air in the middle of your paddock, or a concrete batch plant running off piston air compressors? We will have something to suit – just ask our experts.

How to choose the right reciprocating compressor.

Things to consider:
– Operating pressure
– Air consumption of the tools/appliances being operated
– Is mobility a factor?
– What drive system is required – electric, petrol or diesel?
– What are the space and/or weight requirements?
We are experienced in matching the right piston air compressor to your job or industry, so don’t hesitate to ask us which air compressor is right for you. At Air Tools WA, we also offer free onsite quotes so you get the best possible value for your money, along with the right compressor for your job.

View our services page to see how we can help with the ongoing maintenance and safety checks for your compressor, along with sourcing spare parts when you need them.

How do piston air compressors work?
Reciprocating piston air compressors are the original form of air compressor. They work by sucking air into a cylinder during the piston down stroke, then on the upstroke the air intake valves close, the piston compresses the air in the cylinder and discharges it into a storage vessel. The compressor pump may have single or multiple cylinders and may have single or multiple stages of compressions.

Our compressors are industrial grade, high-quality and built for use in our tough, Australian climate.

Contact us for your free onsite-assessment and quote, or look through our range of, not just piston air compressors, but Atlas Copco rotary screw air compressors and silent air compressors.

Still not sure which air compressor is best suited to your job? Give our air experts a call with any questions you have.

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