An air receiver, otherwise known as a compressed air tank, is an important part of any compressed air system. An air receiver provides temporary storage for your compressed air, which helps to make your workshop as efficient as possible. It also allows you air compressor to cycle on and off correctly whilst air is being consumed. When there’s peak demands on your system, you’ve got compressed air ready and waiting for use.


In very simple terms, an air receiving tank serves as a storage facility for compressed air. The air tank receives air from compressor and stores it before it enters your piping system, which has a range of benefits we will detail below.

Some air compressors actually come already mounted the air tank, which is great for saving space in a small work area, however if yours is a separate vertical air receive there is nothing to worry about, as both types work in the same way. In fact, larger compressors generally require large vertical air receivers. Remember, it is important to drain your air receiver tank regularly as moisture can gather inside.


There’s plenty of benefits to having an air receiver tank in your compressed air system. They increase efficiency, reduce moisture and ensure you’ve always got some air on standby without needing to cycle the compressor. Below is a list of reasons you need an air receiver tank:

  • The air has a chance to cool in an air receiver tank, therefore eliminating moisture in your pipes.
  • If you have a reciprocating compressor, or cyclic processes in your system, an air tank can minimise pulsation. This means less spikes in pressure which can ultimately affect your end-use devices.
  • Storing air in a receiver tank means your compressor doesn’t need to cycle as much. This means you’re putting less wear and tear on your equipment.
  • An air receiver tank can store enough compressed air to ensure your system can cope with surges in demand throughout the day.


At Airtools WA we supply a range of quality Vertical air receivers which are durable, built to last, and most importantly they are manufactured to meet Australian Standard 1210-2010. They arrive ready to install, with inlet and outlet parts on both sides to ensure they will suit any configuration.

We have a wide range of both vertical and horizontal tanks, ranging in capacity from 60 litres for smaller workshops to 5,000 litres for larger operations. Airtools WA can provide options for any system, and you can check out our range of air receiver here. We can also provide pressure gauges, safety relief valves, automatic or manual drains, and we can also test and certify your safety valves.

We offer on-site assessments and consultations, air receiver inspection and maintenance, so if you’re unsure which type of air receiver tank you need, we are happy to help. To find out more and see how we can help with your air receiver tank needs, contact us today.